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Comprehensive architectural service is typically executed in phases, very briefly described below:

Identify detailed project character and scope.
Site Documentation
Depending on the nature of the project, a land survey and geotechnical report may be required.
As-built Drawings
Addition and alteration projects require accurate measuring and drawing of existing structures. These drawings are the foundation of design and construction drawings.

Design and Development
Schematic, design developmemt and final design drawings.
Construction Cost Estimate
Calculation of estimated cost of construction, often in concert with a general contractor.

Construction Documentation
Hire and coordinate the work of the structural engineer and other consultants as required.
Construction Documents
Drawings & Specifications
Schedules (window, door, hardware, equipment and electrical)

Bidding & Negotiation
Assist Owner with contractor selection and contract for construction.

Construction Administration
Construction site visits and meetings with contractor and owner. Problem solving and clarification of construction details.
Review and approval of contractor's monthly invoices.
The Owner / Architect relationship is professional and personal. The duration of a project from conception through construction can last several years. An architect helps define your goals and priorities. An experienced architect is also able to mediate the often differing priorities of a multi-party client or household.

Choose an architect who listens with demonstrated design and problem solving skills pertinent to your project needs. Your architect is your ally and representative and seeks to realize your dreams and control cost.

Not all owners require full architectural service. Architects provide a variety of services including:

Property Evaluation
Evaluating the remodel or addition potential of a prospective purchase. Architects have design vision, a working knowledge of construction and experience with building and land use codes. Realtors do not.

Limited Service
Some owners require limited service ranging from a single design consultation to design and permit drawings only. Owners with interior design skills and Owner / Builders benefit greatly from design guidance from an architect.

As-built Drawings
Property managers, realtors, building and home owners often engage architects to provide accurate as-built drawings.

Architects are a Resource
Architects are an excellent source for consultant referrals: Geotechnical, structural and civil engineers, interior designers, contractors and subcontractors. Architects have knowledge of material sources.